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looking for a good party

--- Posted by IronMike on 12-24-2012
Hi Bill! I continue to enjoy reading about your club! Keep up the good work! Janice and I enjoy seeing and talking with you at our shag events!
Ken Akin, Chairman
Association of Carolina Shag Clubs

--- Posted by ken akin on 12-02-2012
Had a GREAT time at the Boogie Bleast this past Saturday night. Your club should be very proud on how you make someone new or visiting welcome. Keep up the great work and hope to see you again soon.

--- Posted by Jim Skinner on 11-12-2012
Looking for a good Christmas party. When is yours?

--- Posted by IronMike on 11-08-2012
Would love to visit. Pls post any local events. Thanks. Ted

--- Posted by Ted Lambert on 08-15-2012
I am checking all the websites of Clubs in the ACSC and having fun visiting my fellow Shag Clubs. I am with the Sandy Beach Shag Club in Morganton, NC. Great website and we will see you all soon and at Spring SOS.

--- Posted by John Carpenter on 03-28-2012

--- Posted by Chris on 03-18-2012
Was talking to Sam Umberger this weekend and he ask my husband (Crow) and I had thought about coming to Bluefield at the armory for the Shag Dance. That is why I ended up on your site. DEB

--- Posted by Debra Willis Lanter on 03-05-2012
Hey Guys Happy New Year from The Tazewell Chamber....Friday night Feb. 10th 8p-12a Annual Valentines dance at Fincastle...unlimited Heavy Hors d' oeuvres, cash bar and music provided by Black and Blue from Greensboro Only 50 dollars per couple.For a music compilation video of the band go to East Coast Entertainment and in the upper right hand corner enter Black and Blue in search box and enjoy. Love to see you all on Feb. 10th.

--- Posted by kes blackwell on 01-17-2012
I am interested learning Shag Dancing

--- Posted by Enis C Egdemir on 01-15-2012
interested in really learning all there is to know about Shag Dancing and just checking out WV clubs. Planning to going to Spring Safari in North Myrtle in April.

--- Posted by Drema Miller on 01-01-2012
Hi. I love the music and would love to learn the dance. I live in Pipestem closer to Beckley, but a friend suggested that I get in touch with Blfd. Can I just show up on Mondays or do I need to register first? Please contact me at my email or call at 304 466 2363. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

--- Posted by liz reed on 09-16-2011
Its great to see what you guys are doing down there in Bluefield. Some of mine and Melissa's best memories are of those first days in the school! maybe one day we will get down there.

--- Posted by Larry Harrah on 08-24-2011
I was raised in Bluefield VA from age 6-12; my Mother was from Bland and my Father raised in Bluefield. After traveling with an Army Dad, we settled in Blackstone VA for the last 41 years. My husband and I began shag lessons here in 2008 and would love to come shag with you - do you have a dance coming up anytime soon?

--- Posted by Moyer and Sharon Webb on 08-06-2011
hope to visit soon

--- Posted by carol armbrister on 07-30-2011
Hope you can make summer workshop__ Agusta in July

--- Posted by Barbara Tanner on 05-04-2011
Hope we get to meet on the dance floor one day.....

--- Posted by Dave Olszewski on 03-17-2011
bluefield shag certainly made the winter workshop more enjoyable for the Islanders shag club

--- Posted by marlee jamison on 03-11-2011
Hoping to come to your next dance with Craig Wollard Band if all works out...Almost Heaven WV Shag Club, Clarksburg, WV

--- Posted by Barbara Goodwin on 02-23-2011
I think a shag club in Bluefield in awesome! I currently live in the Myrtle Beach area and of course we love the shag! I would love to stop by the next chance I get to come to Bluefield!

--- Posted by Lynn Lambert on 02-22-2011

--- Posted by kathie elmore on 02-22-2011
Have seen the Craig Woolard Band several times and really enjoyed them. Hope to be at the auditiorium March 5th!!!

--- Posted by Barbara French on 02-22-2011
Thank you for the information you put out there for all of us who love the dance and music! Keep up the great work. Pat Hicks, Brushy Mountain Shag Club, North Wilkesboro, NC

--- Posted by Pat Hicks on 02-17-2011
Great information on your website. Your calendar of events are certainly well informative of the upcoming parties. Thank you for supporting the lifestyle we all love and want to preserve. Great job!!! Helen Still, SOS Board Chair

--- Posted by Helen Still on 02-04-2011
My wife graduated from Princeton High School in 1966 (Sharon Johnson) and we would like to come back to the area sometime in the next year or so. Thought we would check you out and see who is still around. Glad to know there is a shag club close by.

--- Posted by Dayvid and Sharyn Teague on 01-04-2011
I'm a member BASC-don't know a lot of people from your group. Maybe faces, but not names. I believe Vicki and husband are instructors and I love to watch their dancing at Beckley functions. Love your web site.

--- Posted by lois mcguire on 11-06-2010
i am from m.e.s.s. i was looking at the boggie blast.Thanks

--- Posted by stacy gilliam on 10-11-2010

we enjoy the Collegians every year at our Covered Bridge Celebration in Elizabethton, Tennessee. This was the 19th year of their shaggin for us in ole BETSY TOWN! Thank-you so very much and Keep the Good Times Rollin.

--- Posted by Linda Holly on 06-05-2010
good job

--- Posted by bernie and linda on 05-25-2010
I met some really nice people from the Bluefield Club at MBW in Beckley. Hope to dance more next time around ! BTW , I love the pic's !!

--- Posted by Jeanne M on 05-21-2010
Moving to Petersburg West Virginia soon to retire; looking for dances within drivingi distance...heard about the dances in the hangar...having difficulty finding information on whereabouts of West Virgiinia/Virgiinia Clubs (maps etc)

--- Posted by Charlene Cahill on 05-13-2010
info on April 10 Dance

--- Posted by Roger Stover on 04-10-2010
Need A Dance schedule. Thanks

--- Posted by doris rees on 02-13-2010
Just visitin'

--- Posted by John Hook on 02-09-2010
Saturday night

--- Posted by bernie and linda on 01-25-2010
What fun!

--- Posted by Jacquelyn Marshall on 01-16-2010
i am a friend of joyce clarke. we recently had our class reunion and she had a lot of good things to say about her friends and the fun she has at the shag club. i visited your web site and i am very impressed, looks like fun.

--- Posted by suetta kyer on 11-09-2009

--- Posted by GARY MITCHELL on 11-04-2009
I want to get involved with shag - do you have regular weekly or monthly dances? When and where? I live in Wytheville, VA - not too far! I know Sandy and Wayne from ballroom dancing...

--- Posted by Sharon Ratcliff on 09-21-2009
Enjoyed our visit Monday night. Thanks to everyone for being so friendly and making us feel welcome.

--- Posted by Diana an Brad Tate on 07-29-2009
The RedCoats are back together doing all the great Beach Music they did back in the 70's and 80's. We will be playing for the Princeton Fall Fest---at the Train Station in September. Please come----and bring all the shaggers---we will be playing all the good old shag tunes.

Just finished building my beach house near North Myrtle Beach. I love the area---now I can hear Beach Music all the tme. Duck's Beach Club is the place to go----at OD--(Ocean Drive)

Have a good week,


--- Posted by Dwight (Wacky) Bryant on 07-26-2009


--- Posted by FRED HITCHINGS on 06-05-2009
Do you give classes? Will be in Conway May 16 - 20.


--- Posted by Janet on 04-21-2009
Hey y'all,

Get your parties listed on the ACSC website It's free, & it will help promote your parties.

Also get your website posted with your club information on the ACSC website. That's the first place shaggers go to find out if anything is going on with your club. You wouldn't believe how many visitors we've had to our shag club because of our website.

If y'all can't come down for the MESS party on Mar 28th, I'll see you in Bluefield on April 4th. Check out for info about our March party


--- Posted by Larry "Bigfish" Calhoun on 03-22-2009
I plan to be in area Aug 2009 & will try to stop by.

--- Posted by Harriett Tilley on 03-08-2009
Great site. Enjoy being with the group. Hope to see you soon.

--- Posted by Bob & Connie Lambert on 03-6-2009
very happy to see your web site . hope to see you soon

--- Posted by gary Combs pres. mess on 03-05-2009
Great Site !
Please add us to your emails.

--- Posted by Bobby & Judi Snyder on 03-3-2009
let me know what is going on

--- Posted by DONNA on 03-3-2009
im really happy bluefild started a shag club. when i come to bluefield i will love to come and meet the shaggers. so keep on shagging. please remember sos.. gret fun. and it want be long till it will be sos again. go bluefield go!!!!!!

--- Posted by laura ward on 02-15-2009
Cruised on the CWB at Sea! Looking forward to next year!

--- Posted by Rose Lynn on 02-13-2009
We went on a cruise with Gary and Debbie with the CWB and he told us about your site and we look forward to joining all of you at one of your events when we can.

--- Posted by Rocky & Debby Ruffin on 02-04-2009
Enjoyed your site will try and attend your party heard alot of good things about it. Sherry and Gary attended your party and said they had a GREAT TIME!!!

--- Posted by Jim Pemberton on 01-25-2009
We attended your party in November and had such a wonderful time. We live in South Georgia (Brunswick) and have a 2nd home in Kingsport TN. Member of the MESS club. We had a great time visiting with your club. In fact one of your instructors T. K. (and Mary) dropped me while learning a fun step that My husband and I were doing. We told everyone at MESS that they missed a great party and hope they can come next time.

--- Posted by Sherry & Gary DeGoursey on 01-18-2009
I hear great things about shagging in Bluefield from our members @ Mess..., look forward to joining in on the fun in Bluefield in the near future.....

--- Posted by Lisa Hauser on 01-17-2009
Hi....I'll send this out to all our members at Mountain Empire Shag Society....Johnson City, Tn.....will be glad to send any information about shagging to our members....soooo send your information to me.

--- Posted by Susan Herron on 01-17-2009
We started the classes tonight, really enjoyed them. We have wanted to learn to Shag for a long time. Glad we have BASS in Bluefield.

--- Posted by Lois & Don on 01-12-2009
Are you receptive to Beckley shaggers attending your events? If so, could you please include me in your mailing, so I will know about upcoming events? I am a member of the Beckley Shag Club and enjoy shagging. Thanks in advance for adding me to your e-mail list.

--- Posted by Bonnie on 01-05-2009
Interested in shag lessons and attending some parties.

--- Posted by Beverly Whittaker on 01-02-2009
great website; great bunch of fellow-dancers. we're lucky to have such a club in this area.

--- Posted by richard and mary on 12-14-2008
Great Job....Keep up the good work!!!

--- Posted by Danny on 12-14-2008
We are here from Fl. visiting in Fairmont and trying to find a place to dance. We may drive down.

--- Posted by John & Flo on 12-14-2008
checking for your 2009 schedule - will be in your area in 2009 and may stop by, Harriett, Daytona Bch, FL

--- Posted by Harriett Tilley on 11-28-2008

--- Posted by LARRY ZIEGLER on 11-17-2008
You guys did a great job on Boogie Blast. The HOA is a great location and all the BASS members made visitors feel welcomed. Thanks.

Charlie Cline

--- Posted by Charlie Cline on 11-17-2008

--- Posted by lois mcguire on 11-5-2008
Gary and Debbie, your pictures are nice. I can tell that you all have so much fun. Is it always couples that attend these functions that you have, or can is it for singles also?
Norma Smith

--- Posted by Norma Smith on 10-09-2008
im so excited about learning to shag and meeting new people to dance with.

--- Posted by patty on 10-06-2008
It's great to find there's a shag club in Bluefield, I lived in the McDowell-Mercer County area until 1963. Carolyn (my wife) and I have been shagging for years, and are members of the Danville, VA. club, my knees have slowed me quite a bit, but we still enjoy attending the different functions and the music. You have a great website, hope to CU SHAGN, Richard & Carolyn Adams

--- Posted by Richard Adams on 09-30-2008
My son-in-law designed this website. Thanks, Josh!!!


--- Posted by Marsha Mead on 09-25-2008
Keep on dancing and ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY !!!!

--- Posted by Regina Mullins on 09-9-2008
Gary, Mary and I enjoyed meeting you at Runway Boogie in Beckley and look forward to seeing you at SOS. Our shag club, Lake Norman, is having a meeting tonight and I have printed some of your flyers to pass out to our membership in hopes that some of them will come to the Boogie Blast also. We are looking forward to meeting your members and having a shagging good time with them...............T.K. and Mary

--- Posted by T.K.Robinette on 09-06-2008
I particularly liked the following quote by Art Mead since it clearly applies to me: "We strive for pleasure, not perfection."
Also, I genuinely appreciate all the assistance provided by the skilled members to those of us who are relatively new and lacking in Shag experience. Thanks!

--- Posted by Roger Earnest on 09-01-2008

--- Posted by maria farris on 08-19-2008
Have been getting the emails from Gary Gunter and would love to know how to do the shag. I have a friend and would love to learn how to do the shag. I use to live in Bluefield, but live in Abingdon now. Sounds like fun.

Norma Smith

--- Posted by Norma Smith on 08-19-2008
Love to dance, shag, jitterbug, and many others, the years has taken their toll, but still love the music and watching.
Lived in Conway, SC, love the beach music, up close and personal.

--- Posted by Roger and Judy Stover on 08-14-2008
I have been Shagging with Marsha a time or two and love it! I hope to come back again soon!!!

--- Posted by TJ on 08-5-2008
It does look like you're having fun. And I also wish I lived closer to my favorite sister (Debbie Gunter) so I could have some fun.

--- Posted by Diane on 07-29-2008
Looks like ya'll have a lot of fun. I wish I lived closer to my favorite sister (Debbie Gunter) so I could come.

--- Posted by Delores Scott on 07-29-2008
nice web-site
met a few of your members at SOS.

--- Posted by Sandra Stancil on 07-28-2008
The music is a great addition. E

--- Posted by Elene Combs on 07-17-2008
Nice to be able to add your link to our website. Hope to be able to visit you soon!
Renee Baker
Rick Honeycutt
Shagtour Staff

--- Posted by Shagtour on 07-16-2008
Good site, was very impressed. Miss you guys, it won't be much longer before I can come back. I have 3 more weeks of physical therapy.


--- Posted by Joyce Clarke on 07-15-2008
Great Site

--- Posted by Sandy Musick on 07-15-2008
Good job , Gary!

--- Posted by tomstreet on 07-14-2008
Hey Fellow Shaggers!

This is Larry and Sherrill from Beckley Area Shag Club......enjoyed looking around your new web site!! Great design.....looking forward to seeing all of you in August at Hern's Hanger!!!

There ain't nothing like shaggin'

--- Posted by Sherrill & Larry Patrick on 07-14-2008
Great website. Y'all know how to have fun, as evidenced by the photos. It was good to see my mother prominently featured in her redneck outfit.

--- Posted by Eddie Adkins on 07-14-2008
You're doing great. Keep it. I'il try to get over sometime.

--- Posted by Mike Lilly on 07-14-2008
Looks great! I have a poster for the Davis Winery Beach Feast that I will take to Debbie for you all the share with the club. It promises to be a great time. We will have a canopy tent there for those who can come. E

--- Posted by Elene Combs on 07-14-2008
We're in the big time now! All of you members out there: send us info. Stories, photos, upcoming events etc...

--- Posted by Bill Haver on 07-14-2008
Lookin Good! Thanks for all your hard work Gary!

--- Posted by Becky J Yost on 07-14-2008
Great job! I'm impressed!
I miss you all and look forward to continuous reunions on many, many dance floors!

--- Posted by Nancy Litz on 07-14-2008
It has been great working with BASS! I hope you enjoy the site!

--- Posted by Josh Aylor on 07-13-2008